Drain cleaner by mini-camera

The inspection by mini-camera serves us to look for the cause of an infiltration of water or of an expulsion of sewers. It is also used as preventive check or during the inspection pre purchase of a property.

We use the mini-camera to verify the state of a drain of foundation, a sanitary drain or a pluvial.

There are several causes for a blocked drain:

  • Accumulation of dirt, mud or sand
  • The roots of trees
  • A segment of the broken or crushed drain
  • A bad positioning of the drain
  • A Counter-slope
  • Red Ochre

All these causes have the effect of causing an increase of the water level over your foundation, and of favoring the infiltration and increase of the rate of humidity. It would be unrealistic to believe that the repair of a crack will be sufficient if the problem is situated at the level of the drainage. A good drainage turns out the first thing to be verified and to be if necessary repaired.

For a French drain an adequate visual inspection cannot be exclusively made from the inside. Sometimes we have to excavate two opposite corners of the foundation to be able to verify the integrity of the whole drain.

During an inspection, the technician filled a detailed report explaining the source of the problem and proposes solutions. A usb key of your inspection is also put with the report.


Cleaning of drains

The cleaning of drains consists in cleaning the internal walls of the drain by means of a powerful waterjet. This is made with the aim of removing the deposits of various materials which would otherwise risk to accumulate and block your networks of drains.

Excavation CR Plus locates the pipes of sewers and subterranean drains by means of a leading camera SeeSnake® mini color 200. This process allows us to supply information such the depth and the length of a conduct and also allows us to follow the trajectory of a conduct. This device can also spot any conduct or metallic pipe.